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Belgian Beer Cafe, Little Brussels

In anticipation of our trip to Belgium at the end of the year, I suggested the Belgian Beer Cafe, Little Brussels for a catch-up lunch with friends today. Located in Kingston, it seemed to be pretty popular. Every time we walk past the place, it's always full with people. A few people at work also went there for one of their Christmas Lunches, and they said it was a great place to go.

According to a few reviews, they've gone under a change of management and improvements to their menu. Apparently mussels are their specialty, which I'm happy to try out. With E's new interest in anything beer, he was ecstatic when provided with a HUGE selection of beer. Being the girl that I am, I chose their passion fruit beer, which unfortunately tasted more like Passion Pop. For those who don't know what Passion Pops are, they're passion fruit flavoured fizzy alcoholic drink which poor uni students seem to favour, because, well... they're cheap! :)

The massive list of beers on offer

A friend ordered the apple beer, which tasted WAY better! I did get a slight beer-envy :) I also liked the novelty of getting a coaster corresponding to the beer you ordered. I took several of them home - for what, don't ask me lol

My 1kg of chilli mussels - this was awesome! It came with yummy fluffy yet crunchy Belgian frites and mayo. I wasn't a fan of the mayo, it could have been better, but as a side, it served its purpose.

E's Beef & Leffe Brune Pie - a beef, bacon, leffe gravy and mushroom pie, served buttery mash potato and vegetables. I tried some of this, and it was SO good! The beef were tender, the mushroom were juicy and the pastry was just awesome!

Our order took a bit to arrive, even when there were only 6 of us, and there weren't many people waiting for their order either. However, both E and I liked what we ordered, and we would definitely come back. One important thing I noted as well, the place doesn't stink like stale beer, it seemed pretty clean as well - yaay! :P

Belgian Beer Cafe, Little Brussels
Ph: 02 6260 6511
29 Jardine St

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