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King Fook - a Peking Duck dinner

Instead of our normal datenight this week, we went on a double date instead. I had been talking about doing a Peking Duck dinner with a friend for awhile, at least since last year, and yet we never got around to doing it. Then last week, another friend and I started talking about making some pork on a spit and the conversation ended up about Peking Duck. So I organised the double date on a whim. I googled 'peking duck Canberra' and a few results (with positive reviews) pointed me towards King Fook, a Chinese restaurant at the other end of the earth from our house.

I was pretty starving by the time we arrived at 6pm. These days, I seem to be hungry every 2 hours, and 6pm is really pushing that 2-hour deadline. So when the waitress asked if we wanted 2 or 3 courses of Peking Duck - we agreed on 3 courses. On hindsight, we should have done the 2 courses, as 1 of the review said we get about 20 pancakes for entree. We didn't actually count how many we got exactly, but 20 seemed right. I have not had Peking Duck for awhile so I can't really say how good King Fook was in comparison to others, but what we had was good.

I really liked the pancakes, I probably eaten way too many too fast. The skin on the duck was nice and crispy and the pancake was thin but fluffy. The lashings of skin (with bits of meat attached to some of them) came on a giant plate and I was amazed that we ate them all. They were tasty!

The second course was this stir fried noodles with duck meat. There weren't much duck meat in this dish, as you can tell from the photo. Also I was so incredibly full with pancakes (and our entree - will talk about this below), that I didn't really enjoy this dish. The noodles were nice and chewy, and the flavour wasn't offensive, but I didn't enjoy it.

This was fried meat buns - again, I was starving when I arrived, so when someone suggested that we also order entree, I couldn't say no. That someone could have been me, I can't remember. But I liked this buns. They were rather oily, but I liked them. They had nice meat/dough ratio, and when we ran out of pancakes, a friend and I did the 'ultimate Peking Duck' - duck skin, sauce, cucumber and this bun. Delicious! :)

This was the third course in the Peking Duck dinner -  duck bones soup with cabbage and tofu. I am not a soup person but I actually quite enjoyed it. Even when I was stuffed full, the soup was full of flavour and went really well with the tofu and cabbage. Unfortunately, the duck bones were literally bones, no bits of meat at all! I think I would prefer this soup with meat and not have the noodles if I had given the choice.

This was E's choice for the night. He doesn't eat duck, so he ordered Picnic chicken and rice. We all agreed that this is a chicken version of Shantung Lamb. I tried a miniscule amount of this and didn't mind it. E said it was actually quite boney, even though he did only get white meat (his preference). I gather they used the bones to 'fluff up' the plate to make it look gigantuan. E didn't mind this dish either, though I think, he probably would not order it again if we go back to King Fook.

All in all, I will go back to this restaurant for Peking Duck again. I will order the 2 courses though next time, as the pancakes did fill me up quite nicely. The service also wasn't too bad for a Chinese restaurant, no rudeness at all! They were alo very prompt with the order. When we came, there were a few other people in the room, but when we left, the place was packed!

King Fook
Ph: 02 6258 1877
43 Kesteven Street

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Aug. 15th, 2012 11:50 am (UTC)
Oooh yum
The duck looks delicious, I'm a big fan. I must go some time, thanks for the post.

Tales of a Confectionist
Nov. 19th, 2013 11:03 am (UTC)
A restaurant without a high chair is NOT acceptable in Canberra.
It means a family with toddler is not welcome and i guess we will
never step in this restaurant even once in the future.
Nov. 19th, 2013 11:06 am (UTC)
Oh dear, though I do find most Chinese restaurants don't provide highchairs.
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