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Ellacure, Bruce

I organised dinner for E's birthday last week at Ellacure. I have heard so many good things about this restaurant, both online and through word-of-mouth. Looking at the menu, there were 2 things that popped up which I'm 100000% sure would tickle E's fancy. So I went ahead and booked it - and lucky I did book and not just turn up!

Our "entree" - warm bread with chive butter. This was super duper nice - I could just have this for dinner alone! The chive butter seemed so simple but it tasted sooo sooo good!

Beef fillet, garlic mash, blue cheese, mushroom & mustard jus ($36) - This was what I thought E would pick, and he DID! :) :) :)  I loved loved the mushroom in the mustard jus - if there was a dish with this alone and the garlic mash, I would order it! He said that the beef was super tender, he ordered it medium, but I thought it came out pretty close to rare. E liked it though, he said that the blue cheese (not a usual fan himself) actually went really well with everything in the plate! So yay!

Crispy salmon with orange, fennel, radish, parsley, olive & capers ($31) - I originally was going to order the spaghetti and meatballs, but when E suggested the salmon, I decided to get that instead. One, because spag and meatballs are pretty simple and I do it at home quite regularly. Two, well, because I dont have enough fish in my diet. I actually love fish, but I just don't know how to cook them - other than battered and the orange salmon dish I do occassional.

This dish was exceptionally well-done. The salmon skin was still attached and it was super crispy. It went so well with the orange pieces, munched up parsley and even the radish! I didn't really like the olive and capers, so I left them on the plate :) I thought the fennel didn't really add muchness to it, I wish it had come with mash like E's :) I liked this dish though, I'm glad I didn't get the spag and meatballs.

Sticky date & walnut pudding, salted caramel, vanilla bean gelato ($14) -  this was the other dish on the menu that I had 'chosen' for E, and again, I'm pretty awesome at picking out his favourites :) E said that this was beautifully done, the pudding was nice and spongy, and the caramel sauce was nice and sticky and sweet. E scrapped every single drop of this dessert as best as he could, if we were at home, and it is socially acceptable, I reckon he would have licked his plate clean :P

Crème brûlée with macadamia biscotti ($14) - I can never go past a Crème brûlée, so it was a no-brainer choice for me. The dish came out as in the photo and I thought it was pretty weird. I thought having it on a plain white plate would have been better presented - but that's just aesthetic. I loved this Crème brûlée - the bowl was a little wider than normal but more shallow; I actually preferred this way because then you get more of the caramelised sugar on top :P It did came cold though, given the choice, I actually like warm ones instead, but this was good. The biscotti was actually pistacchio and it wasn't bad - but I didn't eat much of it because I'm not really a fan.

When we got to the restaurant, it was pretty empty, but we are early diners :) Also, being a Thursday, I didn't really think much of it. So I was super duper amazed at how quickly after we arrived that the place filled up! Being the typical cold Canberra night, it was unbelivable seeing people sitting outside, with heaters obviously, but I reckon it would still get pretty cold. There were people being seated at our table as soon as we paid, and it was only around 8pm. I am interested to see how hectic the place would be on a Friday or Saturday, if they're full on a Thursday night!

All in all, I would definitely rate this restaurant very highly and would recommend the restaurant to my friends and colleagues. I believe, we have found another 'favourite' in Canberra :)

Ellacure Restaurant
Ph: 02 6251 0990
Corner of Braybrooke and Battye Street

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