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Laterne Room

I don't know why I haven't blogged about Laterne Room as it is now officially my FAVOURITE restaurant in Canberra! We went there to celebrate a few important events when the in-laws came and visit - which was in March (which also means that I cant remember what each dishes are exactly)!

Laterne Room serves Modern Asian (mainly Malaysian) Cuisine - it's decor reflects this fact. Our waitress was very attentive and friendly, and the meals came quite swiftly.

I would like it noted that every.single.dish. was frikkin awesome! It's pricey, so it's not somewhere that you would go on whim, but it's worth the dollar! The chef also changes their menu quite often, so if you go there frequently, it's quite possible that you can have different meals on each visit.

I'll let the pics do all the talking now :)

Duck Springroll

A bottle of Chandon to go with our meal

Salt and Pepper Squid and Scallop

A prawn and a slice beef cheek, with beetroot sauce

Some chicken dish with okra

Kapitan Chicken

Babi Kecap (Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce) - MY FAV!!!

I believe this was Bayleys Creme Brulee?

Layers of chocolate mouse with pandan sauce and sago - those transparent cube things were Lemon grass Jelly, which was kinda weird - my least fav thing! the choc mousse was decadent and yum! :)

Lanterne Rooms
4 Blamey Pl
Campbell ACT 2612
ph 02 6249 6889

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