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Dickson Dumpling House

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the Hunter Valley, NSW (which E organised and planned all by himself in secret! It was a nice surprise!) and we had plenty of good food while we were there to celebrate the occasion.

We came back from the Hunters on the day of our actual anniversary and decided to have our celebration dinner at the Dickson Dumpling House because 1) I feel like laksa and 2) I love dumplings!

The problem was we weren't all that hungry, so we shared a bowl of laksa with their homemade noodles and dumplings, as well as fried pork dumplings.

The laksa was very very nice, it is less thick than my current favourite at the Asian Noodle House, but good nevertheless! Their homemade noodles was nice and slippery and cooked to perfection (el dente)! The soup was hot and spicy, with enough coconut milk in it!

What about the dumplings, you ask? well.. the dumplings were nice, but they could do with more fillings. The actual skin was very nice, all slippery and (again) cooked to perfection, but there is hardly any fillings! You only get around 6-7 dumplings in the massive bowl of laksa, so you're mainly eating bean sprouts, 2 tofus and humongous load of noodles!

The fried pork dumplings were very very very oily - our lips were thickly coated with oil when we tried to bite into it. I can't say that I'm a big fan of them (E really did not like it), as the filling, although more generous than the dumplings in the laksa, were quite bland. At $8.80 for 4 of these dumplings, they're very pricey!

The place itself is quite clean for a Chinese restaurant, it could be because they're still a little new, but it could also mean that they go for "clean" - which is great! The restaurant is set so that you can see into their kitchen, with a man making dumplings on the side. Its quite interesting but not that exciting lol The service was also quite good, they were prompt with the order and requests.

I will most likely go back, becuase I love dumplings and really, we went when we weren't all that hungry, so perhaps we didn't appreciate it enough. Besides, it would be good to try their other dumplings just because! :)

Edited (13/10/10): We went back again to check out the place last night and I had the laksa again. I really did not like it, the soup was quite really salty yet bland and tasteless - is that even possible? even when I basically added a few spoonfuls of chilli, it was still not very nice. The dumplings were quite good though, but again for what you pay, they're VERY pricey.

The icing of the (sour) cake is when the stupid waitress accused me for taking the order slip from her - wtf? I cant read chinese, so why would I take it??? It was no prices for the individual dishes that we had, so it is quite useless to me! grrrrrrrrrrrr... made me angry!

I am DEFINITELY NOT going back there again!

Dickson Dumpling House
Ph: 02 6262 5903
2 Cape St
Dickson ACT

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