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Iori Japanese Restaurant

A friend and I went on a little date last night, this time to Iori Japanese Restaurant in Civic. I've tried their sister restaurant Iori Coo twice now, and although the food is good, it's not really great! Considering it's very expensive, I must say that I probably won't go back there again. So I was quite excited when trying Iori, as I have heard raving reviews of them online! The place set-up like the Sushi bars I went to in Japan, very cosy with dimmed lights and friendly service. Despite it being a Monday night, the place was packed!

Looking at the menu, the meals are also quite expensive. It could have something to do with the fact that fresh seafood is hard to get as ACT is quite inland, I guess you will have to factor the transport cost in. They have a wide range of dishes, all of them looking really really appetising. All of their dishes have funny names like "Watcha ma call it?" and "Honey, what is this?". My friend goes there a lot, so she was able to recommend what to get. We shared the biggest platter that they have ("Whatcha ma call it?" for $52), which consisted of:
- Salmon broth
- Unagi (eel) with egg
- Unagi
- Tempura Unagi
- Soft-shelled crab hand rolls
The serving size was quite good, if I was a little hungrier, a bowl of rice and miso soup to go with the platter would fill me up nicely.

We also shared the biggest platter of dessert ($28) which consisted of:
- Green tea mousse
- Green tea cheesecake
- Red bean ice cream
- Black sesame ice cream
- Black sesame Jelly
- Iced lychee
- Tempura Mochi with red bean filling
I quite enjoyed the dessert, even though I am not a big fan of green tea or red bean. I am, however, a massive fan of black sesame! E would absolutely love their dessert, so much so that he would probably forego main meals :)

I will definitely go back to Iori, if only for special occasions. It is not the type of Japanese restaurant that we have in QLD (ie. affordable, Sushi-bar type meals), but the fact that there are only about 4 authentic Japanese (not Korean-Japanese or Chinese-Japanese) restaurants here in ACT, I'm glad to add this on my To-take-visitors-to list of restaurants :)

Iori Japanese Restaurant
Ph: (02) 6257 2334
41 East Row
Canberra City

Ps. Sorry about the lack of photos, the lighting was pretty low and I didn't have my proper camera with me. I only have a dodgy camera in my phone, with no flash.

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